The Best Free Graphic Design Software


After several years using Adobe’s creative suite, I decided to try some free alternatives, in response to the new Adobe’s monthly subscription policies. My experience with these programs has been satisfying since I have discovered how many things can be done. Even though it took me a bit of time to gain familiarity with the user’s interface, once I got the trick I didn’t look back.

Nowadays programs like Gimp and Inkscape are what I use most of the time, depending on the kind of work to be done and the best thing is that most of them work for any operating system, for those who use Linux it is another great benefit.

It is true that in Design institutes and in many jobs they require the use of Photoshop or Illustrator. These programs are the standard and have a better marketing. However, this doesn’t mean the free options are not good enough. They are alternatives that serve for people who want to start in this world, casual artists or even professionals with years of experience, because if you know how to use them you can get amazing results, just look at the thousands of examples that exist over the internet.

Here is my list of top free tools

Vector Graphics



A real substitute for Illustrator

Inkscape is a free and open source program of professional quality, useful for vector graphics in which you can create and edit diagrams, lines, graphics, logos and complex illustrations.

It is a software very similar to Illustrator. You can read files in ai format and then export to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) an open W3C standard based on XML, like the native format.

Platforms: Mac, Linux y Windows.

Image Editor

gimp-programa-gratis-diseño y fotos


The most popular Image Editor and for good reason.

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a software used to edit digital images in the form of a bitmap, useful for editing and creating original images, photographs, icons, graphic elements of web pages and artistic elements. of user interface.

It has functionalities similar to photoshop although with a slightly more difficult interface to learn.

The developers and those in charge of maintaining GIMP strive to maintain and develop a graphic application that is open source, free and of high quality.

Platforms: Mac, Linux y Windows.

 Digital Illustration



Create high-quality illustrations in an beautiful interface

Krita (crayon in Swedish) is a free and open source suite for digital drawing and illustration.

Its user interface is simple and of low distraction, it has a high quality OpenGL accelerated canvas, color management support, advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers and masks, group-based layer management, support for vector illustrations and interchangeable personalization profiles.

Platforms: Mac, Linux y Windows.

Three-dimensional graphics



Much more than a 3D modeler

Blender is a free and multiplatform software that is especially useful for modeling, lighting, rendering, animation and creation of three-dimensional graphics.

It also serves for digital composition using the procedural technique of nodes, video editing, sculpture, digital painting and for developing video games.

Blender accepts graphic formats such as TGA, JPG, Iris, SGI, or TIFF and can read Inventor files.

Platforms: Mac, Linux y Windows.

Bonus (free applications that can be used Online)


If you want to quickly create an infographic in an online and quick way, is ideal. With this free application you can easily create powerful infographics, project your ideas and share them on the social networks. You can also choose different templates or add your own files.

Platforms: web

Svg Icons


Send or edit SVG files, fast and without the need to download the application. SVG (scalable vector graphics) is an open format that allows you to play your vector drawings programmatically, and one of the best programs is SVG-Edit.

Platforms: web

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