Localizador de Buses – Prototipo

Bus Tracker – Prototype Application for Blobia Inc.



Blobia Inc. which is a software and hardware company is looking for new technology that will influence the life of individuals every day. Blobia Inc. currently has its sight set on developing and integrating its real-time school transportation information and management system software and hardware. The resulting public-private partnership would benefit not only school transportation companies, school boards and after school programs, but also parents to track and monitor real-time school bus.

The Company’s overall solutions will include: real-time tracking of bus (advise time delay); monitor bus speed; panic button connectivity; security system;

live webcam to be connected to subscribed members (parents); computer-aided dispatch; radio communication; auto-recorder at the front of vehicle; interactive screen for bus drivers to access traffic information and weather conditions, bus health telematics information, individual magnetic cards for students to tap on/off, central dispatch announcement, real-time and web-based passenger information, automatic passenger counter, next stop automated vehicle announcement, live data transfer, availability of Wi-Fi on buses, and other relevant information.



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